CBD bath bombs

How to relax after a hard day? Of course take a bath! And in order to soften the water and fill it with useful oils, you can throw a bomb there.

The main useful component in the bomb is CBD oil. The base moisturizes, and the essential, released in hot water, partially penetrates the body through the skin, and partially evaporates, creating the effect of inhalation.

What is a CBD bath bomb

Bath bombs will help you to get rid of dry and flaky skin, which will turn bathing into a favorite procedure, but, in addition, will serve as a complete cosmetic body care product.

For some time now bathing balls have come back into the trend: they are made of a variety of ingredients, they are placed in the water and in a short time they turn into a mostly colorful, fragrant bathing experience. The developer of CBD bath bombs has changed the usual essential oils to the CBD oil, which can cure people from arthritis, fibromyalgia (pain) and other chronic conditions. 

Nowadays the hottest trend in the cosmetics industry is CBD bath bombs. For example, Sunday Goods is a US company that has just set off a brand new line of cannabis bath bombs. These bath bombs are enriched with pure cannabis extract and contain CBD and a number of other natural ingredients found in cannabis and hemp. Combine them with the hemp-spiked bath salts from Mystic Mountain Apothecary and a rejuvenating evening in the bathtub.

Does CBD bath bomb work?

A good bath bomb consists of soda, bittersalts, citric acid and often also natural dyes. This combination creates bubbling when you place it in the bathwater for which bathing bombs are known. For a pleasant fragrance, but also for aromatherapeutic effects, also essential oils are a very popular ingredient.

The combination of flavors with CBD enriches, among other things, the relaxation effect, which can be used for stress reduction. At the same time, the skin also benefits from cannabidiol, and to a great extent. Because the hot water opens the pores, the skin can better absorb the CBD. So it works even faster and better than, for example, by applying a cream.

The bath salts’ bittersalts have the potential to absorb pollutants from the body. This supports the detoxification, but also the weight control and the stability of the mood.

CBD bath bombs are an excellent way to experience a complete relaxation experience with all the positive qualities cannabidiol has to offer. The combination of CBD promotes different effects on the essential oils. Here are some examples:

Grapefruit – supports the metabolism and the reduction of cellulite

Frankincense – supports the immune system

Ginger – supports the digestive system and helps with nausea

Lavender – helps the body to relax

Peppermint – helps against nausea

Eucalyptus – supports breathing and the immune system

Carnation – helps e.g. with arthritis-related pain

CBD bath bomb benefits

People increasingly began to realize that cannabis (marijuana) is not only a narcotic plant: it has a more legal and safe way of use – cosmetology.

The industry uses extracts of flowers, buds, plant seeds, and hemp oil. They contain cannabidiol (CBD), and it does not have psychoactive properties, but there are pronounced anti-inflammatory.

Among the variety of pleasant things for the bathroom, bombs stand apart. Throw a pop into the water, jump immediately after it and enjoy. The point is not only in the pleasant sensations, but also in the enormous benefits that it brings.

According to leading European and American dermatologists, bath bombs with cannabis can help cope with problems such as eczema and acne. At the same time, they do not dry the skin, on the contrary, they gently moisturize it. There are many vitamins in such components: C, A, E, antioxidants and phospholipids.

In addition, hemp-based cosmetics are most often natural and ethical. The main thing is to choose funds marked Hemp Oil or Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil.

Best CBD bath bombs 2019

Kush Queen “CBD Bath Bomb Relax”

If you are a big fan of aroma and just relaxing baths with salts, foams and various bath products – Kush Queen “CBD Bath Bomb Relax” is exactly what you need. They have such smelling as lavender, chamomile and frankincense. They are handmade with 100% natural essential oil blends. You need to stay at least 30 minutes to feel the effect of relaxation from CBD.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Essential Oils [Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense], Cannabidiol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Sulphate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Colors. 185 grams of bath supplement with 25mg CBD. Free from THC.


Our bath chocolates have a heart of cocoa & shea butter and 25 mg CBD isolate.Lavender has a calming effect.

CBD bath bombs are designed to completely relax your body and mind – all in a natural way. 

But it does not contain THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol – the ingredient that makes us high. That’s why we do not get the stoned feeling that we would expect. But thanks to the Japanese Kakipflaume, the wonder ball should be pain- and anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling – the perfect bath bomb!

Mirai clinical

CBD Bath Bomb – in 3 Scents

Japanese cosmetics company “mirai clinical” has brought a bathing ball of a different kind on the market: CBD bathing balls. They consist of, among other things, soda, citric acid and the juice of the persimmon fruit. Add to that, however, a special ingredient: marijuana, or more precisely, hemp oil. This special ingredient is intended to make the bath anti-inflammatory and particularly relaxing.

CBD balls are to neutralize, among other things with the help of Kaki body odors as far as possible. In addition, the company writes on the product page: “Relaxes your body and mind with pleasant essential oils (lime)” (restores your body and mind with pleasant lime oil).

Lynx cosmetics

Balance25 Badebombe

The essential rose geranium oil in Balance 25 brings you back your mental balance and frees you from inner restlessness. With its nourishing coconut oil and regenerating cannabidiol you will do something good for your skin and soul. Enjoy the fragrance and a moment of relaxation just for you. The contained soda provides a bubbly effect and distributes the valuable ingredients in your bathtub.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil , Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Softfeel PP, Pigment (Ultramarine Pink), Dried Rose Blossom, Cannabidiol (25 mg)

Where to buy CBD bath bombs

CBD is available in the retail trade, but your options will probably be limited. So you can buy it at online stores. But you must choose the site carefully. It could be much better if you find the original site of the manufacturer and order there. The best CBD cosmetics companies are given above.

Everyone can produce a CBD bath bomb at home, all the necessary utensils are available at the drugstore or pharmacy. We recommend to use only high quality products, since it is about your own health.