CBD oil capsules

Cannabidiol or CBD is available in the form of capsules or as an oil. There are considerable differences between the two dosage forms. Some prefer the capsule form, but more common is the CBD oil.

The oil can vary in color and taste. This is related to how it is extracted and processed. But also which diluents are used are decisive for this. The color can range from light brown to dark greenish. The taste is a bit more or less bitter and spicy depending on the product.

CBD oil is available in various concentrations, from 5 to 20 percent. Especially for people with little experience, it is recommended to start with a lower concentration and to test the effect. If you are satisfied with the effect, it is advisable to change. At higher concentrations, as these are more favorable in relation.

The CBD oil is present in dissolved form inside the capsule. As far as the production and possible effect are concerned, there is no difference to the oil. The ingredients of the capsules are identical. The concentration is different here too. Some manufacturers also quote the percentage of CBD, others in milligrams. Common are CBD capsules with four or ten percent.

Four percent account for 6.4 milligrams of CBD per capsule, ten percent equal 16 milligrams. Other manufacturers offer capsules with 25 milligrams of CBD. Since individual dosage and increase in the capsules are rather difficult, you prefer to start with a lower dosage. And do not reach for the higher concentrated capsules until the effect seems insufficient.

CBD oil vs. CBD capsules – what’s better?

CBD oil is usually supplied with a pure carrier oil in dark bottles. The CBD extract is blended with pure hemp oil, which is a particularly high quality carrier oil. Premium extracts taste pleasantly mild, conventional extracts have a strong hemp note. The taste is not for everyone, so it is simply not possible for some to drink CBD in liquid form. Nevertheless, we should note that the intake of an oil can be much more effective. So you drip the individual drops under the tongue and allows the oil to move through the mucous membranes. As a result, the ingredients go directly into the bloodstream and to those receptors to which they should attach. Although CBD oil can also be eaten or ingested with water, the quick and direct effect will not occur, so that it can lead to a delayed and reduced effect. The reason is simple. The oil must be distributed along with the food components in the digestive tract and decompose. So it may take time before the CBD can be recorded in the right places. Much of the CBD itself even stays in the gut along with the food and is easily digested with.

Cannabidiol is not available in tablet form, but in CBD capsules. CBD capsules are a tasteless, convenient dosage form for cannabidiol. In the capsules is the high-quality CBD extract in oily form or CBD blended with hemp leaf powder in powder form. Knowing the amount of CBD that is good for you, capsules are a simple and straightforward way to deliver cannabidiol.

CBD capsules benefits

CBD capsules are filled with conventional CBD oil. Good products are purely vegetable. The capsules are free of gelatin and thus suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The capsules are offered in several concentrations. So you can take an individual dose.

Compared to oil, the advantage lies primarily in the handling of the capsules. They are extremely easy to dose and have no unpleasant taste. You can just take them with a sip of water.

At the same time there are also many reviews of the capsules. Above all, the price deters many users. Because to take the same dose of oil, as it is possible with the products from the bottle, you have to pay many times more – and with the same effect.

Also, the fact that the drug is completely absorbed through the gastric mucosa, many perceive as counterproductive. It is often said that CBD users hold the pure oil in the mouth for a minute before swallowing it. They allow the active ingredient to be absorbed through the oral mucosa. This should lead to a faster effect.

Another point is the environmentally friendly aspect. The capsules are often individually wrapped. They produce correspondingly more waste. The capsule shells for the packaging are also made of plastic, which is another reason why the environment unnecessarily suffers here.

CBD capsules  dosage

In general, CBD beginners should start small with the dose, because each body can react very differently to the substance.

Even after sneaking, take only small steps and take time to do the increase at intervals of several days. If there are problems with the dosage, you should always consult a doctor.

How the capsules are dosed depends on the product purchased. There are capsules in 100 mg, 300 mg, but also 1,000 or 1,500 mg are very popular.

If you want to start small, you can buy capsules in the dose amount of 300 mg. For example, you can take two to three capsules per day for starting and adjusting the dose better.

However, the quantities refer in each case to the package size. For example, a pack of 100 mg contains 10 capsules, each containing 10 mg of cannabidiol. However, there are also high dose CBD capsules with e.g. 1,500 mg, containing 30 capsules, each containing 50 mg CBD.

An alternative dosage form or designation is the percentage value. For example, CBD capsules are available in 5% or 10%, and this form is usually only used for oils.

So that you can see at a glance which dosage is suitable for you, we have put together this table for you.

Nevertheless, slowly approach a new dosage and give your body time!

CBD capsules effect

The concrete effect of the capsules depends on several factors. On the one hand it is of course relevant in which complaints you want to apply the CBD capsules. From our own experience, we can say that the active substance can be used in a wide range of applications. We use the remedy for pain, restlessness and even a lot of mental stress. This makes the capsules a real all-rounder.

From a purely biological point of view, the active ingredient interacts with the so-called endocannabinoid system. Both humans and animals have this system. The drug docks there to various receptors and causes the distribution of messengers. These can affect us in different ways. It is always heard by users that the sensation of pain is positively influenced. One reason why the CBD capsules are especially often used for pain.

The CBD capsule effect is also in great demand outside of pain therapy. For the treatment of mental illness they seem to be very effective:

  • In anxiety states
  • Against psychoses
  • In schizophrenia

Best CBD capsules review

1st place: CBD capsules (10%) from NordicOil

These capsules are a tasteless alternative to CBD oil. One capsule contains 16 mg CBD. The ingredients are certified and of the highest quality. The capsules are free of additives and are constantly checked and tested.

Since CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, you should take it in combination with a fatty food. So the CBD is better absorbed by your body.

2nd place: CBD capsules (4%) from NordicOil

The 4% CBD capsules contain 6.4 mg of CBD per product. This is therefore a softer variant. The composition is the same. These capsules also contain no additives and are made with certified hemp.

If you are looking for a slightly weaker version that you do not like the taste of CBD, but you still do not want to miss the ingredients, you should use these capsules. Even if you are a CBD beginner, the product is very good.

3rd place: NordicOil CBD oil 20%

The CBD oil of the company NordicOil is very high. At 20% each drop contains 6.7 mg of CBD, the contents of the bottle is about 300 drops. So you have a large amount of highly concentrated CBD oil. If you already have experience with CBD oil, or you want a higher concentration, this vial is just right for you.

You can add the oil to food or drink with liquid. The oil is vegan and made from certified hemp plants, it is free from chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, dyes and artificial preservatives.

CBD capsules for pain

The use of CBD oil capsules for inflammation-related and spasmodic pain has proven particularly useful.

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects, which explains its versatility. After many free radicals are produced by inflammation, the antioxidant properties of hemp are a particularly useful side effect.

In addition, CBD can perfectly complement or support a conventional but not optimally adequate pain therapy.

The use of cannabis in pain has a long tradition in natural medicine. The phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) is of great importance because it does not look intoxicating and you do not become dependent. Therefore, it can be used easily at any time of day and in any activity. CBD is particularly successfully used for inflammation-related pain. Like synthetic painkillers (drugs), CBD suppresses the formation of pro-inflammatory tissue hormones. The big plus here: Unlike diclofenac, ibuprofen and Co, there are no side effects on the stomach / intestine, heart / circulatory or kidney.

CBD has a lot more in terms of pain. Due to the antispasmodic and nerve protection properties, it is extremely versatile. Therefore, cannabidiol is also used very specifically for nerve pain and spasmodic complaints. Cannabidiol can also reduce the need for analgesics, which also minimizes the rate of side effects.

After many free radicals are formed in inflammatory processes, which in turn can attack tissue structures, we recommend CBD-Vital, the strong antioxidant-looking natural extracts.

Eiffel Sun

CBD capsules 10 mg

The ingredients of these CBD capsules are 100% natural, the best quality hemp plants. Many people have had positive experiences with taking CBD capsules for pain and inflammation.

It usually does not work immediately, but accumulates in the body, so you have effective results after about 2 weeks. The CBD of the capsules is not psychoactive and produces no intoxicating effect.

The seeds of the cannabis plant are peeled and then cold-pressed. This gentle manufacturing method keeps all the healthy nutrients of the hemp seed intact, leaving the oil with various vitamins, minerals, high quality essential proteins, omega 3 + 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. The cannabinoid CBD is extracted from the complete cannabis plant by means of a particularly gentle process (CO2 extraction). Thus, in addition to CBD, the substance CBDA (the acid of cannabidiol) is retained. CBD and CBDA together are responsible for the positive effects of the oil.

CBD capsules for anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a disease that is difficult to understand for unaffected people. This is one of the reasons why anxiety as a disease is often seen with a smiling eye. Because even if it is known in professional circles that these are serious disturbances, one is quickly marginalized in the social environment. Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder / constant anxiety and are looking for a promising therapy? Then CBD capsules could be the salvage anchor against fear. But what exactly does it have with the active ingredient?

Anxiety disorders are often associated with panic attacks, which can be both unprovoked and caused by a specific trigger. A trigger for many is stress. Means like CBD capsules against fear are right here. They should have a relaxing effect and help to find the inner peace after a hard day.

The oil of the hemp plant is a pure vegetable substance. He is said to have a number of very good qualities:

  • reassuring
  • Relaxing
  • soothing
  • anti-inflammatory

These effects are indeed achieved by hemp oil. CBD capsules are used in very different areas – from the treatment of severe headaches to rheumatism.

Can CBD capsules help?

Simply put, yes, CBD capsules has been proven to help with anxiety disorders. Because of its insulating and soothing effect, cannabidiol is the perfect plant-based substance. According to studies and patient reports, CBD ensures that our bodies emit fewer anxiety messengers, which is what makes it soothing. Because the CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system in the body when it docks at the CB1 receptor. As a result, the neurons in the aforementioned amygdala become less active and stress hormones are muted.

However, it must be said that CBD does not replace the path to the doctor. Because who suffers from pronounced anxiety disorders, still needs a therapy to tackle the problem at the root and to solve the fears. Cannabidiol is only intended to help significantly in the progression of the disease. And who knows, maybe it’s one of the ways that makes it easier for patients to become psychologists. The fact is that patients in this segment often do not go for medical treatment for fear. Afraid of being misunderstood and not accepted. Or the fear of having to leave the house and tell a stranger his fears.

CBD Vital

PURE CBD 9 (5%) Capsules

CBD Vital capsules has a balancing effect on the neurotransmitter system, protects nerve cells from over-irritation and interacts with other messenger substances such as neurotransmitters. For example, with the stress hormones noradrenaline, adrenaline, dopamine, compensates for their negative effects and the balance can be restored.

CBD capsules for sleep

Those who do not come to rest at night frequently resort to sleeping pills. However, taking sleeping pills permanently leads to physical and psychological dependence and even increases sleep disturbances over time.

The ideal sleep aid should:

  • significantly improve sleep in its duration and quality
  • do not change the natural sleep pattern
  • only at night but not during the day
  • have no side effects and be non-toxic to the body
  • keep its full effect even with a long-term intake
  • do not cause dependence
  • the discontinuation of the agent should be straightforward

The active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) is not high and, in contrast to THC, does not have a psychoactive effect. For this reason, CBD is also not subject to the requirements of addiction law. It is also not classified by the Authority as a medicinal product.

For many patients, CBD capsules means a tremendous increase in quality of life. However, hemp products are a thorn in the side of the pharmaceutical lobby: on the one hand, one can not patent a plant and, on the other hand, CBD means competition for the conventional drugs of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is known that CBD (cannabidiol) has a calming effect on the human nervous system. It is the perfect choice to increase the quality of sleep on a plant-based basis. CBD  capsules does not necessarily make you sleepy, but has a relaxing effect and your own inner restlessness is better processed.

This increases the total sleep time and improves the quality of sleep. Various disruptive factors that keep us from sleep can be contained by CBD drops. Body and mind get the chance to recover, and you do not wake up completely exhausted the next morning.

So CBD capsules can definitely help with most types of annoying sleep disorder. If you want to improve your sleep with the help of hemp capsules, you will feel it in everyday life. On the one hand, the sleep quality is improved and you wake up the next day feeling refreshed. On the other hand, they also work against pain and inner restlessness.

Hemp drops are not addictive even after years of use and do not make you “high” either.

CBD Capsules – With 4% or 10% of Nordic Oil

Available are the cannabidiol capsules of the brand Nordic Oil with a CBD content of 4% or 10%. For beginners, we recommend starting with the low-dose product again, but if you already have experience and would like to stockpile, you can use the 10% capsules. CBD capsules  has an anxiety-relieving, liberating and soothing effect on the nerves and the brain, relaxing and muscle-relaxing. However, it does not come to an artificial sleep state, because the substance triggers in the body completely endogenous messenger substances, which are also triggered in a natural state.

Buy CBD oil capsules

If you want to buy CBD capsules, you have several channels available. It is particularly easy to order the products online. At the manufacturer or in special shops you will find the right offers. In addition, it is also possible to purchase CBD capsules in the pharmacy or even in the health food store. At least when the owners are open to the idea of hemp products.

CBD tablets in the form of medications are available only in the pharmacy and only for a prescription. However, these funds can not be compared with the over-the-counter products. These are synthetic drugs that have been treated with CBD to treat specific ailments.