CBD oil for dogs

The dog is the best friend of man.  It was impossible not to mention. And if the furry friends do not feel well, every owner will do the best to help them improve their condition again. A real alternative is the administration of our special CBD for animals. CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, a natural agent found in cannabis or hemp. It can restore the animal’s emotional and inflammatory balance and is complementary in the case of more severe problems. The analgesic effect of cannabis works both on humans and animals. Many researches have confirmed the effect.

There are also clinical studies confirming the effect of CBD in dogs, horses and cats. These animals, as well as humans, have an endogenous cannabinoid system that reacts to cannabinoids with certain receptors and leads to the improvement of bodily functions. In contrast to humans, however, it must be ensured in animals that the THC content is as low as possible (maximum 0.02% THC).

The healing effect of cannabis sativa is nothing new. The hemp plant has been used for millennia as a remedy for various ailments and ailments. CBD is not intoxicating and unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is completely safe and legally available. Your dog will not be “high”.

Animal – Endocannabinoid system

CBD interacts with the human body via the endocannabinoid system and has been used successfully for years. Most of our pets (dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, rabbits) have exactly the same system, which makes them accessible to the positive effects of CBD.

Studies on CBD

Most studies on CBD have been done with humans or mice, there are currently no studies that are specific to dogs. But just because there are no official studies does not mean that the plant extracts have no effect. On the contrary, the many reports clearly show that CBD can help in many cases.

CBD is also considered by the official side, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) as safe. It is very well tolerated and can possibly also help your four-legged friends. 

What is CBD and how does CBD oil works for dogs ? 

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound unlike THC. Psychoactive cannabinoids affect brain function and affect the central nervous system. This causes disorders of perception, mood swings and changes in behavior and comprehension. CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. That is, it does not make “high”. The bodies of animals can only react to this because they have endogenous receptors that can bind the specific cannabinoid molecules. It causes the nervous system to reduce inflammatory symptoms or ignore pain. CBD thus acts as a kind of stimulant on the nervous system and naturally enhances the already existing strategies of the nervous system and the body.

The endocannabinoid system, more specifically the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are present throughout the body (in the brain, nervous system, organs, glands, digestive tract, skin and tissues) are addressed by cannabinoids (they adhere to the receptors ). This activates the body’s own cannabinoid system, which constantly tries to regulate and balance the body. For example, if a dog experiences a stressful situation, anxiety or pain, the CBD oil for animals may begin to function.

Although the carcass also produces endogenous cannabinoids, the CBD from the cannabis plant supports the ECS in its physical tasks, if its own is insufficient, which can lead to an improvement in bodily functions. The animal would then be more balanced and the body in balance again. Worldwide clinical trials that tested the effectiveness of CBD in dogs, cats and horses have yielded good results, especially when cannabis oil has been given to dogs, cats and horses as supportive of normal medical care.

How does CBD oil work for dogs?

CBD interacts with the receptors (receivers) in the body of the animal. Once the cannabinoid has arrived in the body, it is taken up by the receptors and begins to act after about 15 minutes, depending on the type of recording.

Cannabidiol has a soothing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and harmonizing effect on the organism of the animal. As the endocannabinoid (ECS) system extends throughout the body, the active ingredients become active in almost every organ and body part.

The endocannabinoid system is part of our nervous system and also produces the body’s own cannabinoids, which are responsible for a number of important processes in the body.

  • immune system
  • pain
  • fears
  • mood
  • appetite
  • sleep
  • metabolism
  • fat burning

CBD supports the animal in maintaining its natural balance and also has a positive impact on the entire system. In total, in addition to numerous other active ingredients, more than 100 different cannabinoids are contained in the hemp plant. A true drug bomb so that we should not withhold ourselves and our pets.

There are currently new studies that deal with the effect of CBG (cannabigerol). The chemical composition is different and so is the mode of action. CBG occurs only in small quantities and is contained in carefully prepared CBD oils. We keep up to date with CBG and as soon as there are facts, we will share them with you.

CBD oil benefits for dogs

CBD for dogs – wound healing and regeneration.

CBD is anti-inflammatory and supports regeneration after injury or surgery.

Apart from veterinary medicine, CBD is also appreciated by top athletes from all over the world for its regenerative effect. It helps bipeds as well as quadrupeds to get back on their feet faster. 

CBD – helps dogs fall asleep.

Sleep disorders sooner or later cause a weakened organism, both in animals and in humans. Often, it is only temporary sleep disturbances that cause problems for the animal and the owner.

Definitely it should be clarified whether it is physical or psychological causes. In both cases, cannabidiol can help overcome these phases without sacrificing healthy sleep.

Deep and healthy sleep

Studies show that CBD can increase the overall duration of sleep and relieve insomnia (insomnia). It can solve mental as well as physical tension and thus supports a healthy sleep.

Silent mind and calm heart

When moving to a new apartment animals are often nervous and tense until they get used to the new and unknown environment. CBD oil can facilitate and accelerate the transition, as a quiet mind and a calm heart promote adaptability.

CBD oil boosts your pet’s immune system.

Our body as well as the body of dogs is constantly striving to create or maintain an inner balance (homeostasis). Countless factors, such as a balanced diet, sufficient exercise, healthy sleep and other environmental factors, play a role here.

If this balance is disturbed, it inevitably leads to symptoms that can manifest in the form of mild pain to severe illnesses. Whether the organism of our pet is able to find that balance it is crucial to its well-being.

CBD oil interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system and allows the body to self-regulate. CBD oil helps to stay in balance, strengthening the immune system and keeping our beloved family members healthy.

Hemp oil with CBD oil for dogs

Organic hemp seed oil for your dog

As a cheaper alternative to CBD oil for animals you can also use organic hemp seed oil for your pet. Why? Hemp seed oil includes antioxidants and vitamins (e.g., vitamins E and B). It contains all essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio, all essential amino acids and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA has a hormone regulating and anti-inflammatory effect. As a dietary supplement, hemp seed oil has a high value and improves skin problems, nails and the coat.

However, a CBD oil for animals is made with olive oil; hemp seed oil is even more effective. Especially with skin problems such as itching, dandruff, hair loss and eczema CBD works very well. The animal will thus develop a soft, shiny coat and a good health balance.

Cannabidiol is a natural phytochemical that is useful for a wide range of ailments due to its versatile properties. It strengthens physique and psyche, reduces stress situations and ensures a balance in the inflammatory metabolism in dogs.

More and more veterinarians are relying on the help of nature through cannabidiol to maintain health or improve the quality of life. Often, the administration of CBD puts an end to a long-term search for complementary solutions to improve well-being. CBD ensures better mobility, hormonal behavior and destabilization of the immune system.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety 

Honestly, is there anything worse than seeing your dog suffering? Hardly likely. CBD oil for dogs could also be of great help to your pet for many diseases and mental disorders. Among other things it is used by customers at:

  • Anxiety (for example, when the dog is afraid to stay home alone) 
  • infections
  • Pain
  • wound healing
  • Fat nodules (to overcome)
  • age-related symptoms (for reduction)
  • Indigestion and vomiting
  • epileptic seizures
  • mental disorders
  • Cancer 

CBD Oil Reduces stress and anxiety in animals.

It can be a car trip, a doctor’s visit, being alone in the flat, moving, visiting friends, children, other animals, aggressive behavior, continued barking … the list goes on and on.

Most people know what your pet is sensitive to. In order to minimize the stress you can use CBD oil. It has a relaxing and soothing effect. CBD oil relieves the tension of each situation and helps the animal to feel well.

With a little patience, the right dosage can be found quite quickly and you can spare or relieve your pet and even unpleasant situations.

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that interacts directly with the regulatory systems of the body and acts on the homeostasis, the internal balance of the body. In doing so, physical processes as well as pain can be influenced. The sensation of pain is subdued and a pleasant relaxation sets in. In addition, CBD oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, which not only relieves the pain but also supports the healing process.

CBD oil for dogs with cancer

CBD oil animals – cancer and tumor growth

Cancer and malignant tumors are common in domestic animals and are fatal in many cases. To date, no reliable cure for cancer has been found. The treatment usually focuses on slowing down the growth of tumors while reducing pain and other symptoms.

The most commonly used pet treatment today is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is not always safe and can cause a variety of side effects. For example, fatigue, vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea and loss of appetite to name the most harmless.

Research at the Complutense University in Madrid has shown that CBD and other cannabinoids can enhance the effects of traditional chemotherapy or reduce its side effects. Due to its many positive effects on the organism, CBD can also contribute to pain relief and quality of life in the context of chemotherapy.

A large number of recent studies point to a cancer-inhibiting effect of CBD. Cannabinoids can help slow the growth and spread of cancer and even reduce the size of tumors.

A 2011 study (Boston USA) shows that CBD can inhibit the growth of breast cancer.

Studies show that CBD can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Nevertheless, cannabidiol is not a panacea that can successfully combat all cancers and makes conventional cancer therapy superfluous. However, it is worth trying to include CBD in the equation to take advantage of the positive effects.

CBD oil for dogs with seizures

CBD oil for dogs with seizures prevents seizures. There is much clear evidence that CBD can help dogs with epilepsy. The endocannabinoid system is thought to directly affect the brain’s tendency to seizure. 

When a dog uses cannabis, the molecules interact with receptors of the endocannabinoid system. As a result, the dog may feel the psychoactive effects of THC or, in the case of a CBD, a sense of calm or relief of pain.

CBD regulates the process of synaptic transmission in the brain, during which signaling molecules are transferred from one neuron to another. The connections between these brain cells are stronger when GPR55 is activated.

Convulsions occur when neurons become too active in signal transmission, flashing more often than required. Cannabidiol blocks the GPR55 protein, thus preventing overloading of the synaptic transmission system.

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

Common symptoms of arthritis include swelling, pain, stiffness, and decreased ability to move. They may remain unchanged for years, but may improve or deteriorate with time. Severe arthritis can lead to chronic pain, inability to perform everyday things. If your dog does not go up and down the stairs, she needs more time to recover from the game, followed you earlier, but now she remains in one place – these are the signs of arthritis.

CBD has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain. It can also help strengthen bones and joints due to the large amount of nutrients.

Best CBD oil for dogs reviews

Nordic Oil CBD oil for dogs 4%

The CBD oil produced in Scandinavia uses olive oil and fish oil as carrier oil. The ingredient vitamin E is a useful supplement to the daily diet. The manufacturer relies on CBD certified hemp plants.

In addition, the manufacturer points out that the oil should not be combined with poultry, as it affects the balance of fatty acids in the dog’s digestive system. In addition, you should look at the Nordic Oil Wiki to get more information about the oil.

CBG Oil drops 5% hemp extract

With this product, your pet gets important vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. These have a positive effect on the immune system and the vitamins make the coat shiny again. This is 100% natural CBG oil, which was made completely without additives. The crops come from Austria, which were bred specifically for this purpose. The main ingredient here is cannabigerol from organic hemp. Some animals reject the oil by the bitter taste of something. However, anxiety resolves and it helps in stressful situations, as some clients describe. The manufacturer pays strict attention to quality control to ensure that all EU organic standards are met.

Special hemp oil for animals

This hemp oil is used especially in animals and can be administered, for example, for reassurance or for painful complaints. It is a small vial with 10 ml content. At the same time, it has a positive effect on heart activity and can regulate blood sugar levels. The dosage starts with one drop a day, which only needs to be put into the mouth. In addition to the use in dogs, an application in cats, horses, rabbits or guinea pigs is conceivable.

CBD chews for dogs

If you want to make it easy, there are ready-made treats to buy. The CBD content varies between 2 and 5%. The cannabidiol is absorbed via the gastric mucous membranes. The effect occurs after about 30 to 60 minutes.

Cibapet lozenges for dogs and cats

In addition to CBD oil for dogs and cats, Cibapet has also developed CBD lozenges. These lozenges can be fed to your pet as a treat. They also contain the active ingredient CBD. The dog lozenges contain 3.2 mg CBD per lozenge and the cat lozenges contain 1.3 mg CBD per lozenge. Often the pastilles are used as an additional product, for example when a CBD boost is desired. For example, you can think of extreme animal stress situations.

CBD pills for dogs

CBD capsules

The capsules are available in different sizes (depending on the body weight of the dog). It is added to the feed and absorbed through the gastric mucous membranes. The effect occurs after about 30 to 60 minutes. Generally, an empty stomach leads to faster absorption and stronger effects.

Cibapet CBD oil 2% for dogs

Cibapet is the pet product line from Cibdol. Cibdol is a Swiss company that has been producing CBD oil for years. The quality of Cibdol oils is among the best in the world. The Cibapet products are made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients.

The special properties of CBD are combined in this formula with the good properties of the nutrients of fish oil, vitamin E and natural fibers. The oil is aimed at the general health of your dog and without any annoying side effects. The addition of nutrients contributes to a healthy coat, a healthy digestion.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs

What to look for when buying?

Since it is a means specifically for the problems in dogs, you should keep your eyes open when buying. Especially anyone who is on the Internet may not believe everything. First, it is advisable to contact a doctor and talk to him about the problems of the dog. This can then give a targeted assessment of the procedure. Pay attention to the manufacturers on reputable companies, which have numerous satisfied customers.