CBD vape oil

CBD E-liquid is the liquid used to evaporate in vaporizers, e-cigarettes or pen vaporizers. CBD E-Liquid is also known as E-Juice or Vape Oil. CBD E-Liquid is specially made for evaporation.

It is well known that nicotine cigarettes damage the health and wellbeing of smokers. That’s one of the reasons why smokers switch to e-cigarettes. By evaporating a liquid while a similar effect is achieved as with a cigarette. E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine but require a liquid to evaporate.

The CBD e-liquid is very good for e-cigarettes and is an excellent way to quit smoking. The CBD vaporizer & e-liquid have also arrived in the world of natural remedies and are considered to be the most effective way to consume CBD. The calming effect of CBD also ensures relaxation.

In comparison to other forms of application such as the preparation of a cannabis tea or the smoking of flowers, evaporation offers decisive advantages:

  • A large amount of the ingredients is absorbed during inhalation. Research shows that up to one third of cannabinoids are absorbed into the blood from cannabis during inhalation. By comparison, oral cannabis or cannabis extracts are only one-ninth.
  • Fast onset: within minutes, the effect occurs. By comparison, oral cannabis or cannabis extracts take up to 90 minutes to take effect.
  • Since the uptake of the drugs in the bloodstream is rapid, the correct dosage can be easily found. This is especially useful for the first applications. The patient may slowly approach the dosage recommended by the physician.
  • Evaporation, in contrast to smoking cannabis, does not produce any toxic compounds that can damage body tissues.
  • Due to the precision of powerful vaporizers it comes with constant adjustment to constant results.

What is CBD vape oil

The CBD Liquid is suitable for all steamer who have renounced the classic tobacco smoke and opted for the e-cigarette. This liquid is cannabidiol for vaporization, which comes without THC and thus completely free of mind-altering substances. The hemp plant has much more to offer than the THC that comes to mind to most people as the first thought associated with hemp / cannabis. Cannabidiol, the ingredient in CBD Liquid, is derived from the leaves of organically grown hemp plants. Through the gentle process of Cannabidiol extraction the valuable ingredients are included

Since the CBD liquid is dammed and thus consumed via the e-cigarette, this form is only suitable for steamer. If you reject the e-cigarette, you do not have to do without cannabidiol, but you do not have to do without it. A high-quality manufactured CBD Liquid is nicotine-free and purely natural. Artificial flavors or chemical additives, as well as the forbidden mind-altering agent THC, are not included. There are also flavored liquids made on a CBD basis. When it comes to the natural effect of relieving nervousness, restlessness or pain, however, only the pure, natural CBD Liquid is mentioned. Steamers decide with the CBD Liquid for the effective ingredients of the hemp plant, which are also quite suitable for smoking cessation. It has been proven that taking CBD lowers the craving for nicotine and makes it smoke free.

Vaporizing cannabis has a distinct advantage over smoking: it is not harmful to your health. The burning of cannabis flowers causes the formation of various harmful chemicals that are absorbed by the smoke. These include carcinogenic substances. In addition, smoking has another disadvantage. It is less effective. The smoke produced by cannabis smoking consists of only 20 percent cannabinoids.

On the other hand, studies are concerned with the evaporation of cannabis. The result: more than 90% of cannabis vapor is made from cannabinoids. Anyone who vaporizes cannabis can therefore count on a higher yield of active ingredients such as THC and CBD (cannabidiol) than if they smoke it.

Another advantage of evaporation: the apartment remains odorless. Anyone who smokes cannabis in their home must expect that the smell of the smoke can be perceptible for days. When evaporating this danger does not exist.

How to vape CBD  oil

Cannabis flowers can be taken in a variety of ways. For example, it is possible to make cannabis flowers as tea. The most common form, however, is inhalation by vaporizer. Here, the ingredients of cannabis flowers are absorbed through the respiratory mucosa. In order to achieve an optimal result with this method, various factors have to be considered:

  • the choice of cannabis flowers / extract,
  • the choice of the appropriate vaporizer and
  • the choice of the right evaporation temperature.
  • How to use a vaporizer to determine the dose is described in our article “How to dose cannabis flowers and THC correctly”.

Depending on the model, cannabis flowers, granules or even liquid extracts can be evaporated in a vaporizer. For example, the Volcano Medic can also be used with alcoholic solutions containing dronabinol, CBD or liquid cannabis extracts. However, usually vaporizers are filled with cannabis flowers in crushed or granulated form. Granules are already sufficiently comminuted to obtain an optimal result. Cannabis flowers must be comminuted before use. Herbal mills or so-called grinders are suitable for this purpose. A very good result is obtained, who briefly freezes the flowers in the freezer before grinding.

The CBD Liquid is steamed in the e-cigarette and is only suitable for this application. An alternative intake of cannabidiol is not possible with a CBD liquid, because it is a pure e-liquid for steamer. In its application, the CBD Liquid does not differ from conventional flavored liquids and, as is generally the case, is available in different packaging sizes. The CBD Liquid is connected to the e-cigarette and develops its effect when steaming. Since the product contains no unhealthy flavors or even nicotine, it can be used as part of a smoking cessation and conversion from smoldering stalk to the e-cigarette. For those who do not smoke or steam and still want to consume cannabidiol, CBD capsules, oil or pump spray are recommended. The CBD Liquid should be tested for its cannabidiol content and the manufacturer’s dosing instructions before use. Anyone who chooses a pure, non-flavored natural product will have good experiences and will feel less of a taste for nicotine cigarettes by using CBD. Steamer with inner restlessness and nervous states also report the advantage of the application and its rest, which already sets in the consumption and the long-lasting.

The right temperature for inhaling cannabis: the decarboxylation of cannabinoids

Anyone who uses cannabis for medical purposes wants to remove as many cannabinoids (THC and CBD) from the hemp plant as possible. However, these cannabinoids are not present in the hemp plant in their effective pure form, but as so-called carboxylic acids (THCA and CBDA). These carboxylic acids must be converted to THC and CBD. This is achieved by means of the so-called decarboxylation. In this process, one molecule of carbon dioxide is split off from the carboxylic acids THCA and CBDA. Remain the desired compounds THC and CBD.

The decarboxylation can be initiated by heat. Therefore, when vaporizing cannabis, it is crucial to set the correct vaporization temperature. This should be between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius. The following procedure is advisable: the cannabis should first be heated to 180 degrees Celsius. After the first inhalation, the temperature can be increased to 210 degrees Celsius to dissolve as many cannabinoids as possible. Inhalation can then be continued until no more vapor is visible during exhalation.

Why is CBD steaming?

Even if the positive effects of CBD have been proven only to a limited extent by studies, it can be assumed that the active ingredient is a small miracle drug. Because users regularly report first-class effects in very different areas.

The CBD vaping experiences range from Parkinson’s patients to those who just want to relax. Others treat sleep disorders with the liquid, and others use it to treat rheumatism. The following are the possible CBD vapor effects:

  • soothing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Soothing and relaxing
  • Regulating blood pressure

Is CBD oil suitable for steaming? Under no circumstance!

The oil is not meant to be evaporated. It has an extremely low smoke point and burns very fast. In this case, the active ingredients disintegrate, and it develops a bad-tasting and potentially unhealthy smoke.

You could dissolve the oil in alcohol and then enjoy it over a vaporizer. The dissolved oil, however, can pollute the device – and it is just necessary to add the alcohol. Not ideal if you want to use CBD as part of curative therapies.

We advise you against using CBD oil for steaming. There are better ways to enjoy the effects of these products.

Pollen and flowers – what else can you steam?

For the CBD steaming, the liquid is best for the e-cigarette. But it is also possible to evaporate CBD in solid form . Use a vaporizer with a glass herb chamber. Enter the solids in ground form here. These are heated by hot air and not burned. The rising steam is mixed with the high-quality active ingredients.

For the use of the Vaporisieren several CBD products come into question:

  • Pollen and flowers
  • crystals
  • powder

Be sure to check the purity of the powder. Many offers are mixed with additives such as proteins, which is not very pleasant to evaporate.

Overall, however, our readers have had the best experience with conventional steaming.

CBD steaming: Temperature tips – so you have the best enjoyment

A good vaporizer allows you to set the temperature exactly. Up to a temperature range of around 200 ° C, the substances entered are gently evaporated. You’re just picking up steam over the mouthpiece. From a temperature range of around 230 ° C, the combustion of the substances begins. In this case, the substances lose their effect and pollutants are released.

The best temperature for steaming CBD products is between 160 ° C and 180 ° C.

And is that legal?

Pure CBD goods may be legally produced and sold in Europe as ingested. The legality in this case is determined by the THC content. Once this is too high, you are in a legal gray area.

In Switzerland, for example, there is a 1% rule. Up to this THC content, the goods may be sold and consumed. The salary is demonstrably too low to have a psychoactive effect – yet the drug is not legal in whole Europe. In the case of a judicial inquiry, it could therefore be that a judge refrains from prosecution. Unfortunately, the terrain is still too undocumented to give clear statements about possible consequences.

We advise you to stick to THC-free products. In such case you are on the safe side.

Flavoured CBD vape oil

With regard to the flavors used in the CBD Liquids test, there are currently no findings on the health benefits or possible consequences. Potentially, however, there are inhalation risks associated with long-term use of flavored e-liquids, which hardly anyone is aware of. Whether vaping with flavored liquids can cause or aggravate intolerance or allergy to fragrances in sensitive people is unknown.

The fact is that the flavors contained in an e-liquid with CBD have to have a food suitability according to the legislator. Nevertheless, the debate on the potential health hazards of flavored CBD liquids is controversial. It is therefore worthwhile to use the arguments of both sides in order to come to a personal judgment regarding possible risks. Which interest group stands behind the pros and cons, but for a medical layman is hardly comprehensible.

As a precaution, people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, asthma or COPD should prefer to test the non-flavored CBD Liquid, but choose the pure CBD Liquid with no flavors and nicotine content. The same applies to people who suffer from chronic fragrance intolerances. From our point of view, the fragrances used present a comprehensible health risk if they are present in nicotine-containing e-liquids. The inhalation of nicotine is likely to be much lower, because it just tastes good. Every consumer is well informed today about the dangers of long-term nicotine consumption.

CBD vape oil effects

A CBD liquid works on the basis of cannabidiol in oily form. The product is obtained from the leaves of male and female hemp plants from biological planting and rearing. Cannabidiol is known for its soothing, analgesic and anxiety-reducing, well-being and mood-enhancing effects. If you exclude oral intake and do not want to bring oil or spray into the oral cavity, you can steam with the CBD Liquid and consume this liquid based on the daily steam behavior. In effect, all CBD products are similar, which is also to be assumed in the case of the CBD Liquid and is described by test persons that calm already during the consumption and an inner balance. The effect should occur with headaches and nausea, with anxiety and sleep disturbances, with stress, restlessness and nervousness, as well as with depressive moods. Even with menopausal symptoms and acute menstrual pain the cannabidiol is granted a calming and analgesic effect. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the CBD Liquid can also be steamed for back problems, rheumatic complaints and blemishes. At present, there are no official confirmations of the effect of long-term studies, as the product is relatively short-researched and is being torpedoed by steam opponents, the political and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its positive properties, CBD can be applied in many ways and tested in the individual sensation of an effect. Above all, CBD Liquid steamer notice the soothing, nerve-moderating and mood-enhancing effect. The potency of the CBD Liquid will be based on the amount of cannabidiol consumed. The spectrum of action is similar to other CBD products, as the liquid was also produced on the same basis and obtained from the ingredients of the hemp powder in a gentle process.

The CBD Liquid effect on your body

The drug CBD, abbreviation for cannabidiol, are in studies attributed numerous effects, but it has no psychoactive consequences in contrast to THC. CBD is largely extracted from fiber hemp, then liquidated and extracted in laboratories. Pure CBD is mostly available in crystals and can be liquefied in liquids. If CBD is high-quality extracted and enriched by an e-liquid, then after a short application or some moves, a feeling of relaxation may occur. However, this need not necessarily be the case, after all, it always depends on the dosage of CBD per ml. According to current research, the CBD Liquid extends from relief to the containment of various diseases such as MS, epilepsy, asthma and arthritis. In addition, CBD is attributed neuroprotective and antibacterial characteristics. As a drug CBD can only be prescribed by the doctor, while it is already freely available as a dietary supplement in the market. The Breathe Organics CBD Liquids are pure stimulants and are not for the treatment of disease. This article is for information on studies on CBD Liquid Effect.

CBD vape oil get you high

This is probably the most important question for most readers. Unfortunately, we must state at this point that CBD will not cause a noisy state in humans. This is because CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, has no effect on our central nervous system, and thus does not affect our perception or comprehension. Friends of “Weed” should therefore look for other alternatives as soon as possible, otherwise they will just waste their money.

However, we would like to state at this point that there are CBD products in which the THC content has been artificially inflated. Of course, this requires you to be able to get high on cannabidiol, but in the end it’s not the actual substance, but of course marijuana. Here, however, caution is advised, because from a higher THC content of 0.2%, the consumption of CBD is illegal and thus punishable.

Can CBD vape oil be taken orally

Those who like to smoke or steam cannabidiol usually use the above-linked liquids. However, one or the other may come up with the idea and smoke the existing CBD oil. But is that really advisable?

Most of these oils are not designed to be heated. This could cause carcinogenic substances. Due to the low boiling point of oils can also evaporate the plant-derived active ingredients. But not only the body can cause damage, but also the corresponding vaporizer. This can be smeared by the oil and thus become unusable.

For these reasons, CBD oil should always be taken orally. Those who do not want to give up steaming, should rather resort to the Liquids.

Best CBD vape oil for anxiety

It does not sound important to say that everyone once experienced social anxiety to a certain extent. But it is an acute problem in our modern society. It occurs in a variety of forms – for some it only lasts for a few minutes, for others it leads to breaking off all social contact. The most common form of social anxiety is a sense of discomfort in a social context. For the most part, this feeling does not last long, but for a few it is a persistent feeling of discomfort. And he or she subsequently feels a strong reluctance to re-enter the same social context in which he or she has not felt well.

The studies show that over 85 identified cannabinoids were extracted from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids are complex enough to have their own neurophysiological properties. The most famous ingredient of the cannabis plant, known as the euphoric substance called THC, changes its state of mind and makes it “high”.

For anxiety and depression problems, two different cannabis oils can be used as a supplement to the other medications. One contains mainly CBD and a small amount of THC, below 0.2 mg per gram.

The second variant contains CBD and a similar proportion of THC, due to the increased proportion of THC and its euphoric effect, this drug is a prescription.

Negative side effect of THC – paranoia and anxiety

Unfortunately, some people can not use CBD oil with more than 0.2 mg per gram of THC for medical purposes, because THC affects their mental state to the point of fear and paranoid.

Pure CBD oil is a solution for these people, since it is not psychoactive, it has already triggered positive mood in some people, and increased their energy level in everyday life.

CBD oil is a legal dietary supplement, as long as the THC level remains below 0.2 mg per gram.

Best CBD vape oil review

1st place: NordicOil CBD E-Liquid 3%

This CBD E-Liquid from NordicOil can be used universally in all common e-cigarettes. It is without aroma and suitable for non-smokers. By evaporation takes place a particularly efficient recording of the CBDs.

By inhaling the CBD gets directly into your bloodstream. This prevents the liver from degrading part of the active substance. Your entire body can absorb this.

2nd place: NordicOil CBD E-Liquid 5%

The CBD E-Liquid from NordicOil can be used in all common e-cigarettes and e-pipes. This type of recording is particularly fast and efficient. The liquid from NordicOil is free of any flavor. So you can enjoy the pure CBD taste.

One milliliter of the liquid contains 50 mg of CBD. That’s about 10 tropics of a 15% oil. You should keep the vapor in the mouth for about 5 seconds to activate the active ingredient. So you take this better and the effect is greater.

3rd place: NordicOil CBD oil 15%

This CBD oil contains a concentration of 15% CBD. Each drop of product thus contains 5 mg of cannabidiol. This product is suitable for those who are not strong enough with 5% CBD oil.

We encourage you to visit the Nordic Oil® Wiki to learn more about using this oil. The price is slightly higher than that of products with lower cannabidiol concentrations. However, you only have to eat a smaller amount to benefit from the effects.

4th place: NordicOil CBD oil 5%

This is the “softest” CBD oil from Nordic Oil®. This hemp oil, whose container has a handy pipette, contains a cannabidiol concentration of 5%. Each drop of product contains 1.7 mg of CBD. Once opened, it retains its effect for about three months.

The manufacturer uses CBD from certified hemp plants and contains no ingredients of transgenic origin. It is also suitable for vegans and celiacs. Although it contains terpenes (hydrocarbon-like products), you should not worry: these are naturally also in the cannabis plant.

5th place: NordicOil CBD oil 20%

The CBD oil of the company NordicOil is very high. At 20% each drop contains 6.7 mg of CBD, the contents of the bottle is about 300 drops. So you have a large amount of highly concentrated CBD oil. If you already have experience with CBD oil, or you want a higher concentration, this vial is just right for you.

You can add the oil to food or drink with liquid. The oil is vegan and made from certified hemp plants, it is free from chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, dyes and artificial preservatives.

Where to buy CBD vape oil

Especially former smokers can be very enthusiastic about the CBD Liquid. The smoking cessation by switching to steam has already helped many nicotine users. Since CBD is directly attached to the receptors in the brain, which control the desire for a cigarette, the CBD liquid additionally supports. It is already known from the past that hemp in any form counteracts the craving for nicotine and thus plays no unimportant role in smoking cessation. Those who steam in general, can decide on the desire for more inner peace, stress resistance and concentration for a CBD Liquid in the e-cigarette. When it comes to steaming, two components come together. The steaming itself calms and reduces nervousness. The CBD Liquid soothes anxiety, overstrain, and nervous states due to pain or mental illness. As with all CBD products, the CBD Liquid also applies: Anyone taking medication should ask their treating physician about possible side effects or interactions.

CBD can be used both internally, in the form of preparations or oral finished medicinal products, as well as externally in the form of cosmetics. Most CBD products are available online, in head shops or by prescription at the pharmacy.

For example, CBD is a constituent part of the prescription drug “Sativex Spray for use in the oral cavity”, which is used in multiple sclerosis therapy. Furthermore, CBD-containing hemp oils are available on the German market, which are legally sold with a THC content of less than 0.2% as food or cosmetics, but may not be advertised as medicine. CBD-containing hemp oils should not be confused with the so-called “hashish oils”, which are only illegal cannabis oils with high THC content. A single-agent CBD drug is currently unavailable in Germany. In the USA, however, the drug “Epidiolex” has been approved since 2013. This CBD preparation is used to treat childhood epilepsy.

You may find CBD vape oil in:

Pharmacies: Some doctors prescribe cannabidiol to fight pain or other mental illnesses. From the medical side, however, capsules are usually prescribed, which are relatively easy to obtain in a pharmacy. However, not every store in Germany offers comparable substances, as CBD is still relatively young in the world of medicine.

Online: If you are particularly interested in oils and liquids or vape oils, you should do so on the internet. There the possibilities are not only a lot bigger, but one can search more purposefully and has access to the most different products. In addition, reviews and descriptions can provide insight into high-quality products, processing is faster and overall purchasing more targeted.