CBD vape Pen

If you are new to vaping, what could be better than starting with vape pen? Even if you are a fan of conventional evaporators, it is a good idea to have a vape pen on hand for special occasions.

 For cannabis consumers who do not need elegant Bluetooth applications or a lot of settings to enjoy their favorite variety of marijuana, vape-pens are an easier way to get a daily dose of cannabis. They are also more portable, usually cheaper and do not take much time to charge or use. In fact, they are an excellent vaporizer, not inferior to counterparts.

Cost Effective Way To Try Vaping – Vape pens may not be the non-plus ultra, but they’re an inexpensive way to get started with vaping. For less than $ 20, you’ll quickly find out if Vaping is right for you before investing $ 100 in another vape kit.

Vape pens are a simple version of a regular vaporizer. They are pen-shaped, portable and can function with the push of a button. Holding the button, all you need to do is take a puff and repeat this manipulation. This makes them not only convenient to travel and use in general, but also simple even for beginners.

For the most part, vape pens consist of only three parts: the camera where your stuff goes, the battery and the heat source. Speaking about the source of heating, vape-knobs heat up in just 5 seconds.

CBD Vape evaporators and handles are used to consume CBD. This CBD is usually supplied in the form of oils or liquids. CBD Vape oils and liquids are produced using pure CBD hemp isolate. Within a few minutes of inhalation, CBD is quickly delivered throughout the body, and the fast action of the vaporizers is one of the main reasons why they are so popular among consumers on the go.

If you are looking for a fast-acting product, pay attention to evaporation! Some e-liquids can be mixed with your own fluids of choice, while others are pre-mixed.

Another bonus that comes with vape pens is that they give you the ability to control your high. You can puff as little as you want, or as much as you want, without making unnecessary movements, but only controlling the amount of evaporated stuff.

Vape pens also produce very little odor. This is because they release fumes that are not as dense as smoke.

While most vape pens come with temperature presets, some vape pens allow you to choose the temperature yourself. Generally speaking, about evaporation temperature, the optimal range is in the range of 180-210 ° C, and usually the vape pen will have a default temperature in the range of 190-230 ° C.

What is CBD vape oil?

In contrast to the “famous” THC, cannabidiol is only marginally psychoactive, if at all. Instead, medically relevant effects are attributed to the substance. So it should also be anti-inflammatory and also help against nausea, sleep disorders, epilepsy and depression. Also, it should be able to reduce the effect of THC. However, the entire spectrum of effects has not yet been explored. The CBD many effects can be different way triggered. So far, no exact mechanism of action has been described.

Since cannabidiol, unlike THC, is not considered to have any noteworthy psychoactive effect, it is legal in most countries. It may therefore be sold in supplements intended to promote health, for example. Consequently, it may also be included in e-liquids for the vaporizer, without having to worry about legal consequences. Despite its positive effects, CBD is not yet recognized as a drug, even though there are already several studies that are intensively concerned with this substance.

Currently, it is assumed that the vegetable glycerin contained in the liquid is responsible for the fact that CBD can even dissolve in the liquid. For cannabinoids to be absorbed by the body, they must normally be bound to water or fatty acids. Since the lungs work differently in this respect than the digestive system, a recording of the inhalation of steam from the e-cigarette is possible.

Vaporizing the CBD is a fantastic method because in this form of uptake, the CBD enters the lungs and then into the bloodstream. In vaping, the CBD does not have to go through the digestive tract and thus the bioavailability during evaporation is much better than, for example, when taken orally. For many users, the mood is improved by the use of a CBD evaporator. CBDs can also help with sleep disorders or anxiety disorders.

How to use cbd oil in vape pen?

First and foremost, you should avoid typical bugs when buying and using CBD Vape Pens, such as improper flower preparation, the purchase of an inferior vaporizer, a non-periodically cleaned vaporizer, incorrect breathing techniques, and over-intensive vaping within a short period of time period. Thus, the vaporizer can be used properly, so it needs a high quality device. Vaporization becomes pure pleasure only when the material to be vaporized is properly prepared. In addition, it is important to fill the device correctly. Experience and the information in the packaging leaflet help the newcomer on this.

The inhalation of smoke in a joint or cigarette differs significantly from the technique of steam inhalation. For an evaporator or a vape pen, it is important to take slow and long breaths. The lungs should ideally be filled with steam up to three quarters of their capacity. Then the user waits a few seconds before the steam is released again. The evaporation rate is also very important for the proper use of a vaporizer. The effect of inhalation comes with the use of an evaporator with a certain delay. Therefore, the user should first take four to five breaths, then wait a few minutes and check the effect. The cleaning of the device is necessary so that the inhalation pleasure is maintained in the long term.

Users of vaporizers and vape pens can vaporize the following types of CBD: CBD Ganja flower parts, CBD crystals and CBD in granulated form are all excellent for vaporising. For Vape Pens, a wide variety of liquids are also available on the market. However, to allow oils and liquids to evaporate, the units must have special inserts. These include drop pillows or oil capsules. The efficient way of taking CBD via the lungs seems to be extremely popular. For non-smokers, the inhalation of CBD flowers proves to be the very best option.

Refillable CBD vape pen

Types of electronic cigarettes divide all the variety of models for the duration of use of disposable and refillable. 

Refillable electronic devices speak for themselves: they are designed for continuous use. The cost of such models can be very high, but also as the quality.  A refillable CBD vape pen is equipped with a powerful and capacious battery that can be charged via a USB cable.

Also they have very convenient pen-style form that is much smaller than the average mod. There are several types of CBD vape pen. One of them suits to direct lung vaping and another one is used while to lung draw by providing a tight mouth.


  • More cost-effective
  • Profitable in the long run
  • Convenient pen-style form 
  • Give opportunities to create your own vape
  • Have adjustable power settings
  • Adjustable airflow options
  • Efficient delivery method
  • Big cloud production


  • Have a high cost
  • Require enough knowledge to properly use 

Disposable CBD vape Pen

Disposable electronic cigarettes are often acquired as a “familiarity” with a device or a particular taste. The size, as well as the resource of such models, is modest, but there are one-off versions for 350-400 puffs.

A cigarette is turned on with every puff, so using such devices is very simple. On the case there are no buttons or adjustments, which in turn limit the functionality. Disposable CBD vape pens have a battery, atomizer and are pre-loaded with cannabidiol-containing e-juice.

One of the goals of using an electronic probe is to assess how suitable the device is for the user. It will not take you a lot of costs and you will be able to ensure if this kind of cigarettes suits you at all. 


  • Have a low price
  • No difficulty in using
  • Have a slim and convenient shape
  • Lightweight
  • don’t need to buy liquid


  • More limited functions
  • Don’t have as much variety of flavor and CBD strengths
  • limited to a cigarette style draw
  • Small cloud production

Best CBD vape pens

Vape Pens, also called Vaporizer Pens or Vapor Pens are small, pen-shaped vaporizers. Originally, vape pens were made to look like cigarettes. Now, however, Vape Pens are a separate product, as they differ in technical aspects from E cigarettes.

Vape pens are usually charged by a small battery that contains a heating coil system. The vaporizer pen is then filled with nicotine-containing liquid. When the button is pressed, the battery enters the coil and steam is generated.

In recent studies on vaping, it was found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Vaping is not 100% safe, but health damages are reduced compared to smoking.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen Strawberry Lemonade 

 Slim and easy-to-conceal disposable vape pen contains 200mg of pure CBD of the highest quality, so you can handle even the toughest days even better. New thirst quenching mix of sweet strawberries and spicy lemons reminds you of summer days when you relax with a glass of Mum’s sweet lemonade by the pool. The Uplift formulation contains a unique blend of essential oils that improve mood, reduce fatigue, and increase alertness and concentration.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen Mint Mojito – 200mg

Our smooth and easy-to-hide one-time Vape pen has 200mg of high quality pure CBD to help you survive even the most difficult days. This Calm formula is designed to bring clarity and tranquility back into your life. With our 0% THC vape oil, you can see your days in a brighter light. The satisfying taste of our natural Mint Mojito combined with the almost magical properties of CBD and soothing essential oils, this Vape cartridge will help you achieve a state of absolute Zen.

Buy CBD vape pen

But if the money is not that important to you, then the idea of ​​a “normal” vaporizer might be for you. You would rather buy a real vaporizer?

Convenience – Even Vapers who own professional Vape Kits sometimes use Vape Pens because they are smaller and more comfortable.

Numerous flavors – vape pens allow you to choose from virtually any e-liquid flavor. Many users also enjoy blending flavors, creating endless possibilities for new flavor combinations.

Bundled Smoke – Some Vapers do not want to blow huge clouds when they are in public. If you consume dry herbs with your vape pen, most people will probably think that it is just an e-cigarette.

Not only the range of different CBD e-liquids is very broad. The associated devices (vaporizers / e-cigarettes / vape pens) exist in all conceivable forms, from endless manufacturers and in all price categories. It is therefore often difficult for CBD e-liquid novices to find the right CBD vape pen. We from cbdwelt.de have therefore tested several different products and compared them in terms of functionality, quality and price-performance ratio. We came to the conclusion that the EOS Vape Pen in particular represents the perfect symbiosis of all three areas. It is comparatively inexpensive, comes as a complete package and is of decent quality. So nothing stands in the way of steaming with CBD.